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The event will begin with a reiki-infused sound bath and breathwork session in an elevated intimate private space with beautiful views of the cityscape in the arts district in downtown Los Angeles. It will then progress to 6 hours of a highly curated music by talented music producers/DJs and will include featured visual arts pieces by our talented visual artist. 


This is an intentional gathering aimed at providing a container for leading creators and healers to come together and share knowledge through sound, art, wellness, and other self-transformational activities.


Thank you for choosing to be a part of the exciting launch of this new collective.

AURA Collective.remini-enhanced.jpg



Cosmic Love Collective

Natalie & Brandon

Cosmic Love Collective was created from a call upon our hearts for service into love. Over the years they have expanded their capacity to be vessels in different modalities of healing and transformation. It is their heart's desire to create magical spaces where people can come and feel comfortable, supported, loved and guided into expanded states of relaxation, truth, love and surrender. They offer a variety of healing modalities including breathwork, sound, reiki, and medicine ceremonies. As breathwork facilitators, they create an intention and navigate into the body to help move and release energies that no longer serve our greatest good. As sound bath facilitators, they will serenade your energetic field with vibrations that guide you into a journey of relaxation and revelation. As a Reiki Master and energy healer, Brandon will utilize his breath, toning, sound bowls and shamanic tools to help move, clear and replenish energetic fields within a session. As experienced medicine healers, they ensure a safe environment for one to journey deeper inwards towards self. It is their honor to serve you on your journey inward.


Visual Artist

Magicalized Art

Donnie Penales

Magicalized Art is designed and fabricated by the artist Donnie Penales in Sonoma County. This unique style of art incorporates both a day and night time version. The result gives them different personalities with an elegant contrast. From the design, the negative space illuminated at night as well as the textured color arrangements used to paint these works of art are carefully crafted. Refined, elegant, simply put, they’re magicalized. Donnie’s mission is to create magical moments in time and space.


SAAND is Los Angeles based DJ/Producer who taps into the sounds of the world with rhythm and soul. SAAND is the Label Head of Tierra Sounds, a record label featuring some of the most proficient artists in the underground. DJing since he was just 13 years old, SAAND has weaved through genres extensively. His musical understanding is masterful in its playfulness. With music productions released on many of the top labels, his journey has led him to rock dance floors around the globe, bringing in those worldly sounds that we know to have the power to unite humanity.


As a creator, Goldspek is a Los Angeles based music producer, DJ, and vocalist. Through her classical orchestral training, she seeks to blend ethereal techno melodies with strong grooves and bass lines. Her productions have been featured by the Berlin-based labels Feel Hype and MONADA. In addition to producing, she frequently lends her vocals to her own tracks, and also collaborates with other producers as well. Her vocals can be heard on "Love Temple" with Unseen, and on her own track “Dreaming While Awake”. In addition to production, Goldspek has performed as a DJ at the Wisdome, and Avalon Night Club in Los Angeles, and Viira NFT launch event at Art Basel, and Love Burn, the regional burning man event in Miami, Florida. As a healer, Goldspek is a certified breathwork instructor, and is also Medical Doctor with board certifications in Anesthesiology and Pediatric Anesthesiology. By creating this collective, she is hoping to combine all of her creative healing abilities to help elevate and lift others towards their highest self.

Charity Redding

Charity Redding cut her teeth on the rave scene of the Midwest in the mid 90s. In 2013 she was gifted her first gear setup and put her all into learning the craft of djing. This led to her playing the biggest stages in LA such as Exchange, Academy, The Globe theater, Avalon Nightclub, W Hotel, and various underground raves under her former alias Bubblewrappe. Charity subsequently ran two tech-house labels - 3rdVirtue Records and Vile Music. When the pandemic hit, she stepped back from what was becoming a tech house craze to focus on perfecting her songwriting and developing a softer and more feminine sound. This evolution of her craft inspired her to move forward using her given name. Her new era has an air of authenticity and vulnerability that she sees as missing from the scene. Los Angeles is already embracing her new sound, with hype local DJ appearances including a set for the underground titans Incognito, and a forthcoming regular night with her home crew at Artificial People where she shares her vision of inclusivity and unity. Hard at work in the studio as well, we can expect a stack of lush, organic, melodic explorations to be released steadily as Charity Redding makes her mark in the very near future.


Muséus is an Internationally experienced music producer and DJ with origins in Akron, Ohio. With over 15 years of professional experience producing and in the DJ booth for weddings, night clubs, yoga and music festivals alike, his performance skillset is multifaceted. He has performed at nightclubs in Italy, the renowned Universo Paralello Music festival in Brazil twice, beach club resorts in Tulum, Mexico, five times at Burning Man in Nevada and the list goes on. He has provided direct support for Clozee, Human Experience, Phutureprimitive, Gaudi, Random Rab, Häana, Ra So, Ema Stockholma and more. While his focus is on Disco, Funk, Playa Tech, Tech and Deep House and Downtempo/Chillout, his music selections and original content spans multiple genres with influences from around the globe; like a chameleon, he is able to adapt to any dance floor and is guaranteed to make your party SHAKE! As a healer, Muséus is a certified reiki master and a Deeksha/ oneness blessing practitioner.

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